GE profile refrigerator not cooling

Ge profile refrigerator not cooling. There are many potential problems with the appliance If you are dealing with the GE refrigerator warm on the freezer and the fresh food section. So we will pull it out from the wall and unplug it.

Fuse Issue

See if we can figure out what’s causing a key first on the back of the panel that has a series of screws quarter inch screws will remove. Check the fuse right here to see if there’s continuity is on the little circuit board on the back of the refrigerator.

Ge Profile Refrigerator Not Cooling Troubleshooting (fuse Issue)

Putting the two probes there and has continuity. If the fuse is not blown So we will go to the next culprit.

Check and move to remove the screws are on the bottom lower panel. Looking at the starter mechanism for the compressor Mechanism and wiggle it off.

Sometimes it’s a little bar that’s holding it wiggle it off. This is the blown starter mechanism or overload it got overheated in a fuse tripped. And taking the power wires off of it. Now. There are two wires that bring power to it.

Test the old starter for continuity by putting the probes into these holes.

No continuity

So we know that the overload had slung put the plug back in and we’re testing now the power wires that go to the starter to see if they have power and they have a hundred and twenty volts. So we know that the refrigerator is sending power to the starter, but the starter will not send power to the compressor.

Is this fuse this overload blue?

And we’re testing the old overload and removed it from the starter mechanism by prying it out with a screwdriver. After testing it and find it has no continuity.

So we know that this is why the compressors not getting power.

Testing a new one here and this new overload has continuity.

So we know that it works.

It’s pretty cheap and then you can just take the old one out of the starter mechanism by prying it out and you can just push in a new one and then put the starter back on.

Starter assembly

Ge Profile Refrigerator Not Cooling (2)

Pride out the old one and just put in a new one. We ultimately used another starter called the three and one started with only cost about 15 bucks from Amazon or any parts store.

They work great and show the real simple wiring diagram of two wires. The black wires go to the power that comes to the starter and then show you how you put it. There’s one pin on the compressor.

The actual one and then put the black wire from the starter arm to the middle pin. Then the red wire and white wire go on the side pin and the actual wires on the pins.

Fan Motors

The fan motor may cause by Ge profile refrigerator not cooling. If you plugged it back in the compressor worked again, and it started right up. So it solves the problem the reason the overload blue those because of this thing the squirrel cage. Where the fan cools down the refrigerant was full of dust.


Use a brush to clean out and It connects all that dust to my drill and just cleaned out.

Check if you feeling now this line is getting cold. So you know that this is all working and feel this other line is warm and the compressor is warm. So that’s normal and you can hear the compressor running.

The line is also cold and the GE profile refrigerator not cooling issue fixed.

So everything is back working, and it all had trouble because of just dust building up. So thanks so much for reading for more subscribe to our blog.