Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing

Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing. The Whirlpool machine is a perfect top-level machine for washing. As whirlpool is innovative technology but sometimes technical problems with the whirlpool washer door locked light flashing. We give you some quick solution to fix this issue.

Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing

Something stuck on the drainpipe or filter drain. In this condition your dryer not done work properly. Its mean door is not unlocked and need to replace the drain pipe.

Common issues that cause whirlpool washer door locked light flashing

  • Problem is the lid switch
  • Check actuator motor
  • Issue in drain pump
  • Need to check the hose
  • Malfunctioning Door Switch

 Problem in the lid switchWhirlpool Washer Door Locked Light Flashing

Switch failure is one of the typical problems when the whirlpool washer door locked light flashing. When switch causes this problem also spinner not move properly.


You can take the screwdriver and put in into the hole of the switch actuator down. When you have done this procedure light is not blinking and the machine runs properly, it is mean the switch is acute need to replace with new.

Check actuator motorWhirlpool Washer Door Locked Light Flashing

There is maybe some issue in the motor. This problem is occurred due to the lost connection of wires. In this situation, you need to check the wiring system of the machine. If its loss or damage it creates the problem of door locked light flashing.


Shut off the breaker and then open the whirlpool wire connection with screws. Check if the connection is lost or not supply the proper voltage. Tight the wires and fix them on distance. In this way its supply proper voltage to the actuator motor.

Issue in drain pump

The drain pump assembly is directly in front of you, in the middle of the machine. Unscrew the knob on the drain pump by turning it counterclockwise. Hold a bucket in front of the pump while you remove the knob to catch the water. There may be as much as 2 or 3 gallons.


This problem is easy to solve when there is something stuck on the drainpipe. Give the water pressure fastly the pipe is open all little clogging is out away from the pipe.

Many other solutions are used to clean the drain pipe. Take some water and vinegar solution are mixed in it and pour into the drainpipe in this way whirlpool drain pipe is easily cleaned and spin.  Also, the solution to the door locked light flashing.

Need to check the hose

Check for any kinks in inlet hoses, which can restrict water flow. If possible, remove the inlet hoses from the back of the washer. To do this, turn the water supply off, then use pliers to remove the hoses. Place hose ends in a bucket to catch water remaining in the hoses. This is also the reason of lid lock flash lighting.

Malfunctioning Door Switch

There are two terminal switches lid switch and door switch. When both these switches have a problem light is flashing. The door switch is to prevent the washer from bad running when its overload. If the switch is not working try to replace it with new or repair it.


Unplug the dryer first than take the screwdriver and wire strippers. Attach the wires to the holes of the new switch. After this, you can check the resistance of the switch.