Whirlpool Ice Maker not working

The Whirlpool ice makers are durable but you might face certain problems from time to time. All such problems are discussed in this article and appropriate solutions are stated to help you out with them.

Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Working

Check the power button

The problem with your ice maker might not be something significant but mere negligence from your end. When you fill overfill the ice maker, the power gets pushed and turns the power supply off. In this case, check the power switch and turn it on if it is off.

Check the temperature

At times, your ice maker might be finding it difficult to make ice because the temperature is not appropriate for it to do so. There are several factors that might affect the cooling within your ice chamber.

Your settings:

It is often seen that the users set the temperature at the wrong levels to make ice. The temperature must not be too warm (which is obvious) or not too cold (as it can cause a jam). The most appropriate temperature range is between 0 and 5 Fahrenheits.

Condenser coils:

The condenser coils emit the heat energy from the unit to the external environment. The coils tend to get dirty over time so it is advisable to clean them periodically to ensure that there is no distortion in heat dissipation.

Evaporator wires:

The evaporator coils also play an important part in the cooling process. Make sure that there is no ice deposited on it. If the coils have ice on them or look damaged then you must call a technician to help you repair this problem.

Jam in the ice maker

The ice jam problem is a very common one. You might see the ice frozen on the strippers. This problem renders the ice maker useless. The solution is simple but does not need to be conscious as slight negligence might damage the ice maker. 

Take a plastic tool to break the ice apart. Strike the ice firmly but carefully, so that the body of the unit remains unharmed.

Water pressure and supply

The ice maker requires an adequate water supply at a suitable pressure to make frosty cubes of ice. The Whirlpool ice maker contains a water line that provides water to the chamber. Make sure that the water line is not twisted and the pressure is enough to allow proper functioning. Also, check the water filter fitting which is discussed below.

Water filter

The water filter is fitted inside the ice maker to separate the impurities from the water that is supplied to the unit. Experts and technicians recommend that a normal water filter should be replaced after a period of 6 months.
A clogged filter might not stop the freezing process entirely but it diminishes the water quality and the rate at which the ice is made.

Other problem

If none of the above-mentioned solutions works for you then there is some other problem with your unit. We will advise you not to inspect the ice maker any further. Call an expert to diagnose the main problem and let him handle it for you.

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