Whirlpool cabrio touch screen washer reset

Whirlpool Cabrio washer is a popular model in the washing machine. This is an innovative technology with an LED light display screen. Its have different modern functions like the motor is not making noise, Less energy-consuming machine, perfect variety in temperature notice and time cycle.

The washer and dryer work properly when you have check its proper system and maintain the cleaning system with the passage of time. But when you should not treat the cleaning system of the Cabrio machine properly create a problem and you need to reset it.

How whirlpool Cabrio touch screen washer reset?How Whirlpool Cabrio Touch Screen Washer Reset

  • Turn off washer
  • Mode set
  • Counter Dail Clockwise

Turn off washer

This is the first step success full step to reset the Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine. Turn off the washer and also switch off the main electricity supply switch to prevent short circuits.

Mode set

Now follow this step after turn off the washer and set the mode from it. The mode selector is the combination of different buttons you can select the option of a normal button.

Counter Dial Clockwise

Whirlpool Cabrio machine has a dial counter you should turn the dial counter-clockwise one click (left), clockwise three clicks (right), counterclockwise one click (left) then clockwise one click (right).

Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine diagnostic mode with a touchscreen

Procedure Detail

After these three steps, you can press the start button. After completing the cycle light is indicate and the machine is off. It’s time to press the on and off button just one time.

Now check the machine by rotating the dial until rinse, wash, and stoplight. Now turn the washer off and unplug it for a few seconds. This is the procedure to reset the machine if it’s not properly reset repeat the process one more time.

Some other procedure you can follow if the first one id not working.

  • Pause/cancel
  • Start button
  • Error Problem
  • Restoring time
  • Select a new cycle


This is the first step you are done to reset the Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine.

  1. Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to cancel the cycle. The washer will drain.
  2. Press POWER.
  3. Select the desired wash cycle.
  4. Select the desired Modifiers and Options.
  5. Press START

Start button

In the second step, you are given a new cycle to the machine press the start button. You can try it two to three-time. Press the start button if the machine does not works turn off it and then press the start button again.

Error Problem

When the Whirlpool Cabrio displays an error, this means the control board is having difficulty communicating with the motor. To fix your error, you can first try to unplug your washing machine for 15 minutes and then plug it back in. If this doesn’t work, you will need to replace the control board.

Restoring time

After all the above processes, we discuss you should turn off the washing machine and wait for a few minutes to restart the machine. At this time when the machine is turned off its resets and restores the setting its own self and then switches on almost after 10 minutes.

Select a new cycle

After the restoring time process, you can load the machine loader with clothes and select the new cycle. It means to press the “Start” button.

Whirlpool Cabrio washer touch screen not working

This is usually caused by a clog in the drain line or something obstructing the pump. Clean out any lint or obstruction (coin, small button) that is clogging the pump filter. Turn off the water connections. … If these steps don’t solve the problem, the washer water pump may need to be replaced.

Whirlpool Cabrio touch screen washer not spinning

If your washer doesn’t spin or pump water out but the motor is running, your washer probably has a frozen pump pulley. If so, you need to replace the pump. To check the pulley, remove the pump from the washer and try to rotate the pulley manually. If it doesn’t turn freely if it’s frozen or stiff then replace it. Check Out some Samsung washer vrt spin cycle problems.

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