Shower drain smells like sewer

This is the wish of every single person their shower has no smell in the washroom. They should easily take a bath in a comfortable atmosphere. There is some common reason that your shower generates a smell like there is some gross is growing because the germs like bacteria and fungus are exceeded.

Another reason is debris, production of hydrogen gas, stuck of hairs, and soap under the shower drain line. These are the major reasons that create a foul smell in shower drain like sewer. Now we discuss the problems and their solutions.

Problem And Solution Of shower drain smells like sewer

  • Investigate the reason for the smell
  • Clean Clog in the Shower drain
  • P-Trap is necessary to check
  • Creation Of Hydrogen gas

Investigate the reason for the smell

When you go into your home washroom and feel like vomit in your throat because of an unpleasant smell. You must try to know the reason for this bad odor. There is maybe something different not according to our description or may e happen like the problems we discuss below for you.

Clean Clog in the Shower drainClean Clog In The Shower Drain

This is the first step you follow when your shower drain is clogged and creates a smell like a sewer. The causes of clogging the drain sower are soap scum, hair, dirt, different items like a ball, and also mineral deposits.

These items are the main reasons for the clogging drain shower and these problems are not difficult to solve.

The solution of clogging Drain

The famous solution to this problem is to use chemicals like baking soda and vinegar and another use for unclogging the drain is to use a snake drain. These are straightforward solutions and these items are available in the market in any store.

Snake drain is a great tool used to unclog the different thing kitchen sink pipe, whose drain, and many more. You also unclog the drain with your hands, by using a plunger and also with boiling water.

P-Trap is necessary to checkProblem And Solution Of Shower Drain Smells Like Sewer

According to regulations, all shower drains are required to have P-traps. This includes all fixtures connected to a building’s main plumbing system. P-traps are curved pipes installed under showers and drains of all kinds.

Solution Of Fixing P-Trap

Use the flashlight for checking the shower drain. As the water pipe is the connected bottom of the drain not easy to check with the naked eye. There is a problem with leakage in it. When a lot of water is combined in a pipe, it creates a smell. You must be called the plumber and sort out this problem.

Creation Of Hydrogen gas

These are the sewer gases complex mixture of toxic and non-toxic gases. These gases are created when a lot of bad insignificant items are stuck on the pipeline drain of the shower. It is not only with hydrogen gas also includes hydrogen sulfide and methane esters.

These sewer gases are harmful to create harmful infections on the human body. The solution to this problem cleans the drain from minor items with the help of a professional.

Shower drain smells