Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems

VRT is the technology found in an innovative machine-like Samsung and Whirlpool Cabrio. The purpose of this function is it’s so quiet during running. Less vibrate as compare to the other standard washers.

Keep the dryer drum odor-free and always keep it fresh. There are different error codes for Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems.

Three types of code error are UE, UL, or dC error. These types of errors occur when you overload the machine and the drum is unable to spin. Every washing machine has a need for maintenance after some time otherwise Samsung washer Vrt has a spin cycle problem.

Samsung washer VRT spin cycle problems

Problems and there Solution of Samsung Washer Vrt Spin cycle

  • Not Spinning Properly
  • Excessively vibrate
  • Loose Screw
  • Pump Not Working
  • Damage backside bracket
  • Problem in the door lock
  • Not Spinning Properly

Samsung vrt washer troubleshooting

Not Spinning Properly

Samsung Vrt Washer Troubleshooting

As we discuss above the washer has different codes when it’s not working properly shows the error code. Most of the timing washer is overfilled with clothes and the washer or dryer is difficult to spin.

This condition is called an unbalanced load on the spinner. Some time during the wash something is stuck on the spinner so the Samsung washer spin cycle is stuck.


The solution to this problem when you want to wash the clothes make limits and fill the drum according to the limitation of your Samsung washing machine drum. In this way, your machine works and is spun properly. The quality of cleaning is also perfect and free from odor as well.

Excessively vibrate

There is a second step that creates a problem in your Samsung Vrt washer. This problem is maybe in the following condition.

  • The unit level is not properly working.
  • The shipping bolt is not removed.

These are not so big issues easy to solve at home.


First, you should remove the shipping bolt then you follow the instruction, and the washer is completely installed. The excessive load is also created vibration problems in the washing machine. Prevent the machine from heavier items.

Loose Screw

Samsung Vrt Washer Troubleshooting

This machine drum has a nut on the bottom that helps to keep the drum in its place. If these screws or nuts loose is losing because of some reason drum spinner is made noise and also wobbling.

When you want to solve this problem and also prevent the drum from wobbling check the nut and tighten it first.

Pump Not Working

The washing machine creates a problem if the drain hose is lower than the washer cabinet. A simple solution to this problem installs an air gap between its exact position.

The second problem in the drain is water can not come out from it but the machine is runningIts mean the drain pump is frozen. The solution to this problem disconnected the drain pump from the washer cabinet and rotate it with hands. If it does not properly rotate needs to replace.

The third problem that is occurring in the drain pump is that water does not come out and the spinner does not work properly. Something is clogged in it because of a small sock. Give the hard pressure of water that helps you to open the clogging pipe.

Damage backside bracket

This is the common problem usually cause when something is stuck on the spinner after front loading. Bracket placed on the backside of the washer hold harness of the drum.

The most bracket is loose but sometimes it’s broken. In both conditions, spinner in the trigger and create vibration. This problem is not easy to solve in-home call the professional and repair it.

Problem in the door lock

If the door lock is defective, the washer door will not latch properly. The door lock can fail either mechanically or electrically. Inspect the door lock for damage. If the door lock is damaged or does not latch properly, replace it. Check out: dishwasher detergent for hard water.

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