Samsung Dryer is not Heating

The dryer is a necessary need for both season summer and winter. Everyone wants to dry the clothes in a dryer within a little time. Sometimes bad elements are stuck in the spinner its stops heating and also stops dry the clothes.

When you see that your dryer is not working, check out its lint filter and also clean the vent lines. This is very necessary your dryer is generating the heat. This is the sign of damage dryer it gives cold air its means there is some faulty component in your machine.

Why is the Samsung dryer not heating?

There are some common problems that can cause the Samsung dryer not heating.

  • Blockage in vent line
  • Thermostat not working properly/ Voltage
  • Problem in the thermal cut-off fuse
  • Elements are overheating/Heating element
  • Inside wires connection problem

Blockage in vent line

Why Is Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Samsung dryer not heating cooling light on. When you feel the water is slowly moved from the vent line, it means that line is a block or clogged. You need to check the vent issue.

The vent lines available in the dryer are P-trap. If you feel the sewer smell coming from the line its means the vent is a blockage. In this way, your dryer is not heated and spins properly.


A simple solution when the vent line of the dryer is clogged. Installing an air admittance valve that gives air pressure to the line. All the dust, debris, and small particles are coming out with this pressure. This problem is easy to solve and your dryer is properly heating and works properly.

Thermostat not working properly

Samsung Dryer Not Heating

If your dryer is not heating up properly it’s mean that voltage is not supplied in a proper manner. You can judge these problems if these symptoms appear.

Check that dryer is plugged in. After that analyze the circuit breaker panel are placed correctly. Now the final step is to check the no fuse is blown in the fuse panel. All of these are signs of your dryer is not heating and work properly.


The dryer needs multiple thermostats for maintaining the temperature. The dryer thermostat is looking oval-shaped. The wires of the thermostat are connected with metal slip-on connectors. If these wires do not supply the proper voltage you call the professional and replace these thermostat wires.

Problem in thermal cut-off fuse

Cut off fuse is the safety tool that immediately shuts off the burner if the dryer machine is overheated or not heating properly. Mostly the dryer is overheated when the high thermostat supplies more voltage and does not shut off. In this way, you are not reset the thermal cut-off fuse it needs to replace.


If the thermal cut-off fuse is blown and helps to heat the dryer. You have required 30 minutes or less time to replace it. For this procedure, you need the thermal cut-off fuse kit. Open the screw form located on the top cabinet panel and might be changed with new. Samsung dryer troubleshooting.

Elements are overheating/Heating Element

Samsung Dryer Troubleshooting

The heating element is helping to warm the air drum. When you cannot use it with care its components are overheating. When you want to determine the heating element heat use multimeter for testing. If it’s not working, properly replace it.

Inside wires connection problem

The most common problem is a loose wire connection problem. When the electricity supply is not the proper danger of overheating and the damage is to occur.


A simple solution to this problem turning off the wall switch. After this, you remove the cover plate. Then you examine the screw terminal where the wires are connected. If you feel that connection is lost carefully tight with screw terminal down to the wires Now you fix this problem. Samsung dryer not heating fixed.

Samsung dryer reset heating element

When the Samsung dryer spinning but not heating, then a burnt heating element is the issue. The thermostat condition is bad you need to fix that.

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