My refrigerator is making a buzzing noise?

Why My refrigerator is making a buzzing noise? Refrigerators always make a buzzing noise. You would walk into your kitchen and experience a ‘click and hum’ from the unit. You should not worry because this noise is inherent to the cooling appliances which are designed to work this way.

The whole process happens to assist the freezing but on occasions, the sound gets louder and annoying. This article is written to let you know the reason behind the various sounds that your refrigerator makes and what to do when the noise gets louder over time.

Refrigerator is making a buzzing noise

Check the compressorRefrigerator Is Making A Buzzing Noise

The compressor is the most critical part of your cooling unit as the whole process depends on its efficiency. It works in coordination with the thermostat. When the thermostat senses a rise in temperature than the limit set by the user, it instructs the compressor to initiate the cooling. The ‘click’ indicates that the compressor has been started while the continuous ‘hum’ implies that the cooling is in progress.

At times, you would hear the compressor making some annoying and loud sounds. In this case, we will recommend you to call an expert to identify the fault and repair it.

Dirt on coilsDirt On Coils

The condenser coils are normally present at the back of your appliance. These set of wiring dissipates the heat energy in the environment. At the start, you would not experience any sound due to your condenser but with the passage of time, the problem will emerge out of the blue. The main reason behind this issue is the accumulation of dirt on the coils.

The solution is pretty simple. Unplug your fridge from the power source and push it away from the wall. Now, locate the condenser wiring (normally on the backside) and vacuum it initially. Once the vacuuming is done, scrub the dirt with the help of a dry brush. In the end, vacuum the remaining dirt particles.

If you face any difficulty in cleaning the refrigerator then hire a technician to do it for you. The professionals have all the necessary tools to wash off the layer of dirt deposited on the coils.

Noisy Ice Maker

The ice maker is a convenient and effective feature incorporated by almost all the manufacturers but rarely you would hear a loud jerky sound from the apparatus. The icemaker, when functioning, will never produce noise but occasionally you would hear sound during the resting period.

You should immediately call a technician without a second thought because there might be a loose connection or a disconnection somewhere in the unit. The built of an ice maker is complicated, so you better not open up any of the parts to diagnose the problem. Check if Samsung fridge making noise when door is closed.


Operational noises, as we said earlier, are part and parcel of refrigeration. You should not worry about the sound that your unit produces continuously or at intervals. Just check the pattern of noises, the load on the refrigerator, and the amount of buzz generated. Any inconsistency, as compared to the routine sound, should be checked.