Why is LG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker leaking water

The LG corporation has made its name in the cooling appliances fraternity due to its quality and performance but you might experience a water puddle either inside the unit or on the floor. To counter this water problem, we have brought some summarized solutions to help you.

Lg French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Leaking Water

Check the cracks:

The icemaker, being a machine, has some flaws in it. You would find the body resistant and durable but there might there are parts that might get cracked after continuous usage or mishandling.

The water seeps through these cracks and drips down on the floor. All these cracked components are as under:

Torn filter:

The filter might get torn when it is not changed at the prescribed time (6-month period). When you face any leakage issue, we would recommend you check the filter first. If you see a crack in the filter then the best bet is to replace the filter.

Apart from the leakage problem, the filter is often fitted in the wrong manner. You should remove the filter and fit it again to ensure that the gaps are closed.

Cracked water tank:

This problem is not much common but rarely due to mishandling the water tank gets broken and the water flows through the leakages. The second thing, after the filter, to check is the water tank. A faulty tank slips all the water in the unit.

The only solution, in this case, is to replace the water tank. More often, the users try to repair the tank by taping it. The reality is that the water tank is irreparable.

Leaked water pan:

There is a water pan located at the bottom of the refrigerator. The water, after getting drained, falls into the water pan where it remains till the end. The hot air blown by the condenser evaporates the water ultimately, so there is no water left in the end. This function saves you from the efforts to empty the pan every day or week.

If the floor is getting wet ever so often then you should check the water pan for cracks. A defective pan will require replacement without a second thought.

Loose connection

If you have checked all the above-mentioned parts, and find no crack in them then you should inspect the unit for loose parts. The component that troubles users the most in this respect is the water inlet valve.

The water value works 24/7 to ensure that the ice maker receives an uninterrupted but controlled supply of water. Excessive valve rotations render the fittings loose and you will see that the control over the water is certainly lost.

If you find this problem in your system then you must repair the valve by tightening the screws. In case of slipped screws (which can not be tightened), replace the component.

The frozen water drainage system

The water from the ice maker goes through a proper drainage channel and reaches the water drainage pan for instant evaporation. Most of the time, when the temperature is too cold, you will find the pathway blocked with ice deposition.

You need to turn the system off for a while to manually melt the ice down. If you still experience a leakage, pour some hot water into the passage to open it immediately.

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