Best Kitchen Safes

Best kitchen safe,  This genius snack jar is called The Kitchen Safe and is essentially a lockbox for sugary snacks. This clever cookie concealing creation prevents kids from sneaking cookies when parents aren’t looking.

You might say it’s helping fight childhood obesity (and preventing adults from ruining their diets as well)

Having a hard time disciplining yourself in the kitchen? We can relate. It’s not that easy to resist the temptation of that “one last cookie” or “just one more tiny piece of chocolate,” after all. The is a gadget intent on holding you to your saner decisions. We list the top quality kitchen safe.

3 Best Kitchen safes

1. Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

Locking is a good habit for the safety of kitchen temptations. This is the best strategy to keep things safe in any situation. Time locking container beneficiary item you save things of eating and other important accessories.

Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

Its time locking lid reminds you anytime where you keep it safe in this container. The time limitation of this locking container is 1 day to 10.

Run-on the battery charge after 24 hours of the day. The warranty for this battery is one year. These are high-quality and BPA-free containers. Modern technology LCD for setting the time and day. Good quality material solves the safety problems of the kitchen.


  • Screenless family time
  • Limit sweets
  • Give destruction for free time


  • The battery is not run for so long

2. Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

Ksafe Mini Cell Phones Time Locking Container 2.0 Height

Great way to break the habit. Save time and keeps things safe from destroying. Successful and innovative technology is easy to use. This container is three-time thicker as compare to your typical plastic container.

Properly lock no insect and flies enter in this container. Time set according to the condition of food put in this time locking container. The simply elegant and successful choice for your kitchen goods. High contrast LCD use for time fixing.

Set time according to your goal. The limitation of time in this locking container is 1 minute to 10 days. Premium quality material locking container. This is also called an ultra-efficient microprocessor. When you put some extra items and accessories in it no danger to break. The warranty for this locking container is one year.


  • Premium quality material
  • LCD required a container
  • Available in mini size also


  • Not dishwasher safe

3. Multi-Purpose Timed Lock Box Kitchen Storage

Rugged container made by the high-quality material. Durable and easy to clean. This container is used for multi-purposes. You can save the cell phone, baby toys, and kitchen things for a long time. This container used to save things has no danger to destroy soon.

Multi Purpose Timed Lock Box Kitchen Storage

Mostly used for the safety of solid goods. Unique locking design not done complicated process just set unlocking time on it.

The time limitation of this container is 1 minute to 999 hours(41 days). When you set the unlock time it’s open automatically on time.

Suitable for kitchen gym and schools. When you use it the first time you need to install AA batteries. For emergency unlocking press (H, M).

This locking container is no need to charge. The warranty for this is three years. Perfect technology small LCD time setting is available on this kitchen-safe locking container.


  • Emergency unlocking system
  • No need to charge
  • Three years warranty


  • Not clean with a rough cloth
  • It curbs more than food cravings

best kitchen safe


What is the Kitchen Safe?

This is the world’s first time-lock container for food, gadgets, toys, and any other items you want, but shouldn’t have!

How does it work?

Simply place an item close to the lid and set the timer. Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, you’re locked out! The safe remains locked and cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero.

best kitchen safe

What can the Kitchen Safe be used for?

Almost anything! We have tested them for storing food, electronics, toys, iPhones, and several other items.

Why do I need more than one Kitchen Safe?

People benefit from having one for each different item.  Testers have enjoyed having one for chocolates, one for chips (Cheetos & Doritos), and one for our electronics (iPhone, Galaxy S4, Pebble watch).

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Why invent It?

Even though I am big into fitness, I had put on some extra pounds from snacking on junk food before dinner.  I wanted a tool to help me enjoy the occasional dessert, without the temptation to snack throughout the day. 

My first solution involved my wife Jenny hiding the junk food, but in the event of a strong craving, I could find anything. After playing hide and seek with my cookies for a few years, the idea dawned on me. If I had a container with a timed locking mechanism to store my food, I would not be able to snack, and my wife and I could stop with the hide and seek games.

So, I went about designing, I need only muster 10 seconds of willpower, to put items in the container, to avoid snacking for an entire week.

best kitchen safe

Who is this for?

Just about anyone!  Moms, kids, & families; those watching their weight, into weight loss or diet, fitness, and overall healthy eating; tech, gadget, and engineering lovers; gift-givers; smokers and drinkers; those with focus issues or are distracted easily; dog, cat and other pet lovers; those looking to save money.  See our website overview page for kitchen safe

Why we need your help

We have come a long way:  We have worked hard to create a great product that I get to enjoy and use every day. Receiving the first work was an incredible experience.

However, this is only the beginning:  Our goal is to bring the Kitchen Safe to stores so that everyone can enjoy and benefit.  To get these stores interested, we need to build demand and produce.  Please help us get the word out to others and purchase for our first order with the factory.

Purchase and use the Kitchen Safe: We need to raise enough money through pre-orders to cover the factory setup and fund the first volume production run. By pre-ordering, you are helping us bring the product to the world.

Spread the word: We need your help in spreading the word — by email, Facebook, and by word of mouth.   Some of your friends will likely be interested and just need to know it’s available.  Remember – it’s a brand new product!

Can I buy it outside of the US?

Yes!, We will ship internationally.  Simply click the green “back this project” button and include the international shipping cost as indicated.  For instance, the 3 container package is $75 + $35 for international shipping.

best kitchen safe

Product Specifications

Key risks & challenges

Over the last year, we have worked hard to get everything together, so you can be confident that you will receive a professional-quality Kitchen Safe. We have a production-ready prototype, a factory in place, and several options for packaging and shipping.  

The main risk would be that even with our testing we missed something in the design or face production issues with our factory.  We are confident these are very unlikely given our detailed process and we would work to overcome these to deliver a quality product.


How do I use the Kitchen Safe?

The Kitchen Safe is fun and easy to use:

  1. Place an item
  2. Rotate the dial to set the timer
  3. Press the dial to activate the lock

Once it is locked, it cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero.

Can I put the Kitchen Safe in the freezer or refrigerator?

This can be used in the refrigerator under typical conditions. Unfortunately, at this time the is not designed to operate in freezers.

What can I store in the Kitchen Safe?

Almost anything! We have tested the for storing food and several other items.

Is the Kitchen Safe able to store food? Is it BPA free?

Yes. The is safe to store food; it is made of BPA-free plastic, the quality standard of the industry.

What if I accidentally set the wrong time?

Once you press the dial to activate the lock, you have five seconds to cancel. Simply press the dial a second time before the five-second timer reaches zero. This allows you to double-check the timer before the lid locks.

Can I override the lock before the time expires?

No, the will only unlock once the timer reaches zero. No cheating!.

What happens if the Kitchen Safe runs out of power when the lid is locked?

The lid will remain locked and will continue counting down once the battery is replaced.

Does it come in different colors?

The base is available in either clear or white.

The clear version allows you to see what’s inside, a nice feature if you are using more than one. It also makes for a very clean look.

The white version hides the contents. It helps keep things out of sight out of mind. It also helps if you want to surprise someone with a gift.

What are the product specifications?

Base Color: Clear or White Dimensions: 6” Width x 6” Length x 6.5” Height Weight: 1 pound Volume: 3.5 quarts Timer Duration: 1 minute to 10 days Battery Type: 2 x AA batteries Battery Life: 6 months under normal use

Have you applied for a patent or trademark?

Yes! We have strong intellectual property. We have a trademark and patent-pending that cover the current and future improvements.