How to replace a kitchen faucet with sprayer?

The kitchen faucet in the kitchen is necessary for all of the kitchens. When you have no facility for washing the pan, pots, dishes, and plates in the dishwasher, then you need a kitchen faucet with a sprayer.

Now we want to introduce you to the different new methods that how to replace a kitchen faucet with a sprayer without calling the pluming. Stylish look faucet that makes your kitchen sink pop and smart too. There is a different step do to replace a kitchen faucet with a sprayer.

Replacing the kitchen faucet with a sprayer

Removing the existing faucet

Replace A Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

It is the first step you remove the existing faucet from the sink and then replace their new one. Simple need some wrenches and open these nuts where the pipe of the existing faucet attaches.

Turn the knobs so they’re perpendicular to the lines to close them. If you have a garbage disposal or P-trap under your sink, unplug it or disconnect the power before moving on.

Turn on the faucet if there is any water pressure.

Keep in mind the tap is open before the existing faucet. There is no more water and not exist properly. When you leave the water in this faucet, it damages your cloth kitchen things and walls.

So be careful that it is not still strapped in the pipes. It builds up the pressure and valves, so there is stuck on the lines.

Loosen the nuts attach to the water lines

Loosen The Nuts Attach To The Water Lines

That is a simple and easy way that you lose nuts from the water lines. You should slowly lose the nuts and remove them from the surface.

In this way, there is no problem, and garbage has occurred as nuts are hard, not suitable to lose by using hands. Completely remove the nut from your current faucet.

These are the three steps you should do for removing the previous water faucet from the kitchen sink. Now move the new kitchen sink faucet attach to the kitchen.

New Faucet if needed

Choose a new faucet that matches the style of your old faucet. Wrap the 3 layers of Teflon tape around the threading of the supply tubes that came with your kitchen faucet. Then screw the supply tubes onto the faucet fixture using an adjustable wrench. Don’t use any excessive force when you attach the tubes.

Choose the color and size that match your faucet color, and there are no difficulties in attaching. It is quite easy to connect and operate as compare to the previous kitchen faucet.

Feed the supply tubes into the hole and position the new faucet

That is the second more important phase of the faucet attaches to your sink. Align the faucet over the holes in your sink. Feed the tubes through the center hole one at a time, so they’re easier to manage.

After the lines are in, lower the faucet onto the sink and hold it in the position where you want to secure it. It’s upon you to choose the best and easy position that is best for your home kitchen for washing the pots and pans.

Tip: If you have additional holes left in your sink, you can use them for a built-in soap dispenser or a sink sprayer.


Final verdict of this discussion that how to replace a kitchen faucet with a sprayer? The different kitchen faucet is available in the market it’s upon you to choose the best color and size that is suitable for your kitchen. Easy to attach and no difficulties in removing the previous one. Simple wrenches in needed for this purpose.

Find out the nut that helps to tighten the pipes on the faucet sinks. A little bit of effort you so and found the new kitchen faucet for washing the pans and pots easily.