How to remove the Agitator from a GE Washer?

The agitator is also called the stir. It is part of a top-loading washing machine. This agitator is placed in the center of the washing machine. Some problems happen when the agitator not working properly.

This is unnecessary that every washing machine has one process to remove the agitator. Different models have different methods of attachment agitator.

Now we discuss the GE washer agitator when a piece of clothes, button, cards, or that thing is stuck in the agitator. In this way, you try to remove it.

If the washing machine agitator not spinning catch it and move in the opposite direction, this is a straightforward way to find the damaged direction of the agitator.

Removing a bolted agitator

Remove Agitator From Ge Washer

This is the first process you can apply your washing with minimum danger and risk. It is the simple way you can say it is like the daily routine check of the washing machine.

When you want to start this method must stop the supply of electricity, this is safe you any incident. The “On” buttons create injuries and something is happening so be careful before starting it.

  • Remove agitator cap

There are many models available in the market we have done this process for GE agitator. You can remove the cap of the GE agitator. Easy to do by hand and also with the help of a prying screwdriver. Properly check if the cap is glued down remove with proper care. Special glue is available in the market when you have done removing or replacing the agitator.

  • Unscrew the bolt holding the agitator down

After removing the cap you see under the agitator means toward the barrel. Under the barrel of the agitator bolt or screw is placed must be unscrewed and removed. When you remove this screw agitator is free from the machine and easily comes out from the machine. If there is something stuck on it wash with warm soapy water.

  • Reinstall by reversing the steps above

After doing all the above steps you can reinstall the agitators in the washing machine. It’s a quiet and simple process to do. Open the cap of the washing machine replace the bolt or screw re- tight and then replace the agitator cap. It is time to complete the maintenance of your washing machine agitator.

Removing non bolted agitatorRemove Agitator From Ge Washer

Three main points are done when you have done this process of non bolted agitator.

  • Unplug your washing machine
  • Open the wash compartment
  • Pull directly upward on the agitator.

Your washing machine has a general electric washer. Simply use the opportunity of lubricant in this shaft to help to keep the agitator’s motion smooth. This is also a straightforward process to remove or replace the agitator from the washing machine.

Removing a “Stuck” agitator

When you are using any machinery many years increase the chance of damage. In this way when you use the washing machine for a long time water, soap and that type of chemicals are harden around the base of the agitator. Sometimes these chemicals are totally frozen around the agitator. So this is possible to remove the agitator from the washing machine and wash it with warm soapy water.

  • Process Of Cleaning Agitator

At the start, you can fill the washing machine with hot water its fills almost 6 inches. In this way bottom of the agitator is completely covered. Then pour any kind of soap and chemicals into it. “ON” the wash cycle after completing wash it with plain hot water. It’s assured that your washing machine agitator is clean properly.


Remove agitator from Ge washer. Final verdict all the processes that are discussed above are simple and easy to apply. GE agitator is easy to repair and maintain. When it creates any problem apply all these methods one by one it’s must be working smoothly after applying. Check out Ge refrigerator water dispenser not working.

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