How to Clean a keurig coffee maker 2.0?

What I’m going to do is show you how to descale it. This is something that you should do every three to six months.

And the reason you need to descale your Keurig coffee machine is what happens is minerals build up inside the machine due to hard water and your coffee will actually come out a lot slower and you’ll have more of a mineral taste in your coffee.

Now what some people suggest is to use filter water such as using your Brita water filter instead of using just regular tap water in your coffee machine.

The cleaning

Clean A Keurig Coffee Maker 2.0 Steps By Steps

Clean With Warm Soapy Water

So what you want to do is press on the outside of your K-cup holder and then you can lift this out. So what you want to do is clean this with nice warm soapy water. So we’re going to do that. Next, so once that’s cleaned out.

Damp Cloth For Cleaning Outside

What we’re going to do next is clean inside of here. So just take a nice warm damp cloth and we’re going to clean out any coffee left over you get a little bit splashing up as well as you want to give that a really good clean.

I clean this part here, too. All right. So once those are cleaned we can reassemble this part and when you’re putting this part in you got to give it a little push down your hair a little snap. There we go, and we know it’s locked in place.

The next part we’re going to clean is where you put your water and it believes it or not. There’s a lot of people that never clean this and it actually gets a little bit of Gunk inside. If you don’t clean it on a typically weekly basis. So we’re going to pop this off put it in the sink and give it a cleaning.

Alright, so we got the fluid reservoir fall cleaned the next step. Don’t forget to clean it behind here.

You get a little bit of Gunk and build up in there as well as read in there in the front of your coffee machine you get a lot of coffee that splashes up on there and has a little build-up so you can put back on the water reservoir.

Clean With Vinegar

Clean A Keurig Coffee Maker 2.0 Clean With Vinegar

And I’ll show you what the next step is. Now, you can either use a vinegar white vinegar or Keurig actually makes a cleaner that you can use to I’ve always used white vinegar and haven’t had any issues. Clean a Keurig coffee maker 2.0.

Measurement of Vinegar For Cleaning

So what’s recommended is 10 ounces of white vinegar. I just have a little bit left in the container here. So I’m going to put all this in. Fill up your Keurig now some people say to use a 50/50 mixture. I usually use about 10 ounces and then fill up the Keurig probably to about there and then I run it through.

If I’m pronouncing that right, we put it underneath your going to close it and we’re going to put it on 4 to 5 cups. We’re going to run a cycle through just takes a second there.

We’re just waiting for the turn-on here. Running a cycle of water and vinegar through the unit and will actually break down some of the scales that are built up inside of the coffee machine.

So we’re going to run this down and it will probably go right to about there. I’m going to actually add a little bit more water and run one more cycle of the vinegar and water through the Keurig. All right, so it’s all finished running it’s Like all of the vinegar and water through it and you can see it used boat half.

So we’re going to run one more through the unit here. And again what the vinegar does actually breaks down the scaling.

So we’re going to run one more through it. And again I use a craft. If you didn’t you can run your unit with just mugs. This makes it much easier rather than swapping out and running several mugs of hot water through your unit.

Second Cycle Of Vinegar

Now telling you the second cycle of vinegar and water through the unit.

Drain out any leftover water and vinegar that’s in your water reservoir. Clean it out. You want to get as much vinegar out of the unit as you can and what we’re going to do is run a couple of sessions of just plain old water through the unit.

And what we want to do is get all the vinegar that’s left in the unit out of it. That way you don’t have coffee that tastes like vinegar.

Just plain water going through the unit now. again, I’m going to run a few of these through it the more water you run through the Lester vinegar taste you’re going to have in your Keurig coffee machine.


Clean a Keurig coffee maker 2.0. One nice thing about Keurig 2.0 that I should mention is if you don’t descale it on your own schedule every three to six months. It will actually come up with a warning here time to descale the Brewer you can continue to go through the descaling process or you can also click the not now.

So descaling, your coffee machine is just a simple as that now the big test next is to actually brew a cup of coffee.