How to change water filter in whirlpool French Door Refrigerator?

Gone are the days when refrigerators were orthodox and single-purpose. Nowadays, you would find almost all the modern fridges with water filtering and ice dispensing technology.

These features help the users to conveniently make meals, fill up bottles for work out, stay hydrated, and keep things cool.

Change the Water Filter

Such handy functions come with an added responsibility to routinely check the water filter and see if they are working properly. The filters need to be replaced at an interval of 6 months to assure that there is no blockage in the water flow.

People usually ask about the ways to switch the water filters, so if you are one of them then read this article to get the answers to your questions.

Choose the best

Before we jump on to the main topic, we would like to remind you that the Whirlpool refrigerators run a bunch of water filters for all the models produced by it. We would suggest you check out the official website to choose the product that suits your needs. Check out some Best aftermarket refrigerator water filter. 

Instructions for each filter

Filter replacement is complicated for newer users. Moreover, the different types of filters available are also a reason behind complexity. The below-mentioned instructions are for various types of filters that you will encounter.

Filter type 1

First of all, locate the filter in the cooling chamber of the unit. It will be resting in the top-right corner of the chamber. Open the door upwards and gently pull the filter out.

Now unbox the new filter and uncover the O-rings and check if the rings are in working condition. Rotate the filter bottle in such a way that the arrow points in the upward direction.

Once this is done, carefully insert the filter and put it in place. Do not force it as this might break it.

Now close the door and run 3 gallons of water to get the filter going in your unit.

Filter type 2

You need to first locate the filter in the upper right corner of the fridge. Pull down the door and pull the filter so that it is inclined downward. Once that is done, rotate the filter clockwise and pull it out.

Then unbox the new filter and remove the cap. Insert the new filter in such a way that the arrow is pointing upwards. Once it is settled rotate the filter clockwise and close the door.
Now run 3 gallons of water to see if the filter works properly.

Filter type 3

The type 3 filter is always located on the left side of the base grille. Locate the filter and push the eject button. Once that is done, pull the filter out and remove the cap by rotating it anti-clockwise. Discard the old filter and unbox the new one by removing the cap from the O-rings.

Align the new filter in such a way that the arrow points upward. Keeping the filter in this posture, fit the cap on it by rotating the cap clockwise.

Now gently push the filter in the cavity until it fits inside. Flush 3 gallons of water through the system to remove the remaining impurities.

Filter type 4

Find the filter at the upper right of the chamber and button it to pull it out. Now, rotate the filter anti-clockwise and pull it out. Once that is done, remove the cap from O-rings and check if the rings are in good condition.

Align the new filter and push it inside. Rotate the filter clockwise to fit it completely. Lastly, close the door and flush approximately 3 gallons of water from the machine.

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