How to bypass start relay on refrigerator?

Bypass start relay on the refrigerator. If you ask us about the heart of the refrigerator, we would undoubtedly tell “compressor” as an answer.

The compressor turns on and off periodically for an effective cooling process, and for this very reason, a relay is used to assist the compressor while functioning.

Relay is an electrical switch that tells your compressor to turn on or off depending on the temperature inside the unit. If the relay stops working, the compressor will also stop. The only solution to pull you out from this miserly is the bypass of the relay system.

Initial safety precautions

The relay and compressor relationship is considered as the most important to assure a defect-free function. The relay ensures power conservation and lesser heat-up of parts. Keeping this significance in mind, we would recommend you to call a technician to help to sort this issue without any further inconvenience.

If you still want to take the matter into your hand then we will tell you the right way to bypass your refrigerator. First thing first, turn the circuit breaker off and unplug the refrigerator.

Next, get a couple of adults to help to push the unit apart from the wall. Fridges are bulky so you would need to do it slowly and carefully.

Starting the compressor without relay

In order to initiate the bypass process, make sure that you have followed all the above-stated precautionary measures. Once you have pushed the fridge away from the wall, locate the cover plate.

You would find it at the rear bottom of your unit. Take a screwdriver and remove the cover plate by unscrewing it. Keep the cover plate aside and move to the next step.

Push the metal box at the right-lower rear of your fridge and detach it from the unit. When the metal box is removed, you will see the relay system fixed inside.

Now, carefully grab a flathead screwdriver to press the space between the relay and its case, and pull the relay out.
After pulling the relay out, slide the wire to make it accessible.

Remove the metal connector attached to the relay and strip the wire (using a plier) on both sides. Next, connect both the wires to relay housing to complete the circuit. Put the metal box back on the relay area and fix the cover plate back on the metal box.

Later but important steps to perform

Plug the refrigerator back into the power socket and turn on the circuit breaker. Turn the fridge on and observe the operation over a few hours.

You will hear a ‘click and hum’ which would tell you that the compressor is working fine. If the compressor works fine for several hours then this means that the relay was faulty.

Lastly, keep this important thing in mind that never put excessive load on the compressor. The bypass is a temporary fix to help you negotiate the existing difficulty. Call a technician and get another relay installed in the system to give your cooling system a much-needed boost.

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