How do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad?

As the refrigerator is a necessary component of your kitchen. It helps you to save prepared or unprepared food items. This is a very serious issue when it’s not run properly. There are a different major cause of the refrigerator compressor is bad. Now we discuss the signs of the bad compressor and its solutions.

Listen Of the Compressor NoiseRefrigerator Compressor Is Bad Noise Issue

You estimate the condition of your compressor during “ON and OFF”. At the time of running the compressor, it’s humming. If there is no voice or humming for half an hour, it’s mean your compressor is bad or broken.

While if you listen to the compressor voice but the refrigerator did not come cold it is also a problem in the compressor.

How do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad?

  • Unplug the refrigerator
  • Make room around the refrigerator
  • Side panel
  • Switch
  • Shake the switch


This is the technical skill use for repair the refrigerator compressor also called the DIY method. It is the first job you must unplug the refrigerator from the master switch. Then check the interior wiring of the refrigerator.

Make room around the refrigerator

It is the second step you make the room around the refrigerator by helping the different home items. These things are placed around three to six feet. Then you check the refrigerator, the compressor is working bad or any other problem in it.

Side panel

This is the third instruction that gives you to check the refrigerator compressor. You can easily locate the side panel. For applying this step you need the screwdriver for the purpose of losing a screw. If you don’t understand the problem in the compressor called the refrigerator technician and properly check the side panel.


Sometimes there is a problem in the master switch it’s not working properly and supply less energy. In this way, the refrigerator compressor works badly. Check out the switch or replace it with new for proper work.

Shake the Switch

You shake the relay switch. If you listen to the rattling sound, it means that this switch will damage and need to replace it with new. If you don’t listen to the rattling sound, then there is a problem in the compressor. Now the refrigerator compressor is bad and needs to repair.

If you want to check your refrigerator compressor at home. These are the simple methods apply to your refrigerator compressor for taking the 100% results.

Basic Causes if the refrigerator compressor is bad

There are many other basic refrigerator problems that create hurdles in the running compressor. Some time these common problems are difficult to detect. But your refrigerator stop working. In this, we suggest you check your refrigerator compressor any professional. When you want to check the compressor at home follow these steps.

Common issues and TroubleshootingRefrigerator Compressor Fan Stops Working

  • Refrigerator compressor fan stops working
  • Refrigerator compressor clicks on and off
  • Refrigerator not cool enough

Refrigerator compressor fan stops working

This is this simple way to know why refrigerator compressor is bad check the compressor fan either its work or not. If it’s don’t work separate the refrigerator from the wall but leave, it plugged into the outlet.

Refrigerator fan is one of the important components that keep it cool always. It prevent the fan from overheating. This is also the sign of stopping working refrigerator fans create noise.

Refrigerator compressor clicks on and off

When the refrigerator compressor is on and off and not run properly. It means the compressor has start relay problem. Mostly this cause happens when the compressor is overloaded.

In this way the compressor not explode properly and work badly. The solution to this problem is proper cleaning and maintenance in an insignificant amount of money by a refrigerator compressor technician.

Refrigerator not cool enough

This is the second sign of bad compressor it’s not given proper cooling to the refrigerator either run for a long time. You judge this problem when the food item keeps in the refrigerator is not cool enough.

In this way, something is wrong in the compressor. Now you use the amplifier meter its test and give you the perfect suggestion to repair the compressor fan or any other component is replaced with new. This amplifier meter is saved your time and money.

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