Hayward Pool Pump Troubleshooting

Hayward pool pump is a popular brand that is reliable and durable. A pool pump is placed in the center of the pool that gives proper flow to the water and always keeps clean and safe.

Sometimes there are distinct problems happen its leaks water and gives a loud sound. In this condition, you need to get it ASAP. If the problem does not solve your own self then call the professionals. Now we discuss the common problems that happened with the pool pump.

Hayward super pump troubleshooting

Common Problems and solutions:

  • Pump Power issue
  • Auto Pump tripping
  • Smoking or sparkling
  • Breaker Tripping
  • Pump Starts then stops

Pump Power issue

Hayward Pool Pump Troubleshooting

When you are on the switch and not activity is happening like noise. In this way, you can check the circuit breaker and Off it after a few 10 seconds going to be ON again.

After this, if you have the facility of a Mechanical time switch or digital time clock analyze visual-motor the tinny gears are turning. Most of the wire pools have GFCI outed wired check the red button is popped out or not.

Check all the wires work properly or not sometimes wires do not work because of minor damage.

Auto Pump tripping

This is a dangerous sign when your pump is shutting off its own self. In this way, you can turn it on after 15 minutes. This problem has happened when the pool pump is overheating. Provide shade that air is passing freely on all parts of the pump.

Sometimes wires are broken or the wrong voltage is the reason for not working. Wires are correctly placed on your own but if the motor is overheating, you can call professionals and change it immediately.

Smoking or sparkling

Hayward Pool Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Smoking and sparkling problem occur because of electricity problems. Mostly the pump motor receives 115V. When the motor received high voltage pressure like 230V its might be smoking or sparkling.

Sometimes it happens when the shaft seal can is not correctly installed in this way pump produces smoke. Loose wire, two wires, or terminal connection is also the reason for the sparkling motor. When this cause has happened, you need to repair the motor.

Breaker Tripping

When you try to turn on the breaker it has a problem, the motor shaft is frozen, the impeller is stuck, or the capacitor has blown. Usually, your pool pump is damage if it’s slightly on and off. If the breaker tripped during running its means has a problem with electrical voltage. You can also check the breaker rating some time it is bad and does not supply the proper voltage to the pump.

Pump Starts then stops

It is the fifth and last cause of pool pump troubleshooting. When your pump is off every five seconds check the incoming voltage. In-ground Hayward pump contains 230V and you give only 115V it can be fused or damage.


  • Clear away mulch and leaves from around the motor air vents.
  • Shut off power at breaker and tighten all wire connections.
  • Check that they do not break motor wires, wet, or touching each other.
  • When it has continuously these problems change it or repair it.

Hayward pool pump common inspections and troubleshooting

  1. Hoses inspection
  2. Motor inspection
  3. Seal Plate Checking
  4. Gaskets (Shaft Seal, Housing Gasket, Lid Gasket, Diffuser Gasket)
  5. Pressure Gauge
  6. Skimmer Basket
  7. Remove Debris
  8. Inspect the Impeller
  9. Backwash the Filter
  10. Replace the Sand or DE
  11. Pool Pump is Sucking in Air
  12. Humming Noise

Hayward pool pump manual

Click here to find Hayward pool pump manual.


Final viatication of the above discussion that Hayward pool pump troubleshooting is not difficult to solve. All these minor problems are happened in about six months with running pool pumps. Easy to solve in the home by following all these methods that are discussed above.

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