Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working

Water dispensers are used in almost all houses these days. You would find refrigerator companies making advanced water dispensers to help the users with day-to-day hydration needs.

Like all other appliances, dispensers also inherit the risk of faults due to several reasons.

We will summarize all these problems with possible solutions in the following paragraphs.

Frozen water tube

The dispenser might not work because often the tube gets frozen by excessive cooling. To check if the water pipe is frozen or not, disconnect it from the bottom and blow air into it.

If you sense the air coming out from the other end then the tube is open. In the case of any blockage, let the ice melt and push the water out from it.

The temperature of your freezer must vary between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit to assure a cold and disruption-free supply.

Low water pressure

If your home has a water pressure of lower than 20 psi then the water inlet valve would never open to let the water into the dispenser.
You must assure that the pressure is adequate to push the value open.

Water inlet valve

As mentioned above, pressure must be equal to or more than 20 psi to thrust the water valve open. Once it is assured that sufficient pressure is reached, connect a multimeter to track the continuity of the valve. If the valve is stagnant then you should consider replacing it.

Control board of the dispenser

The control board manages almost all the functions going on in the refrigerator, so before jumping on to any sort of conclusion regarding the replacement or repair of the board, you need to check the related parts.

Let’s say if there is a problem with power, so start by checking the plug, socket, and other similar parts. If you find no fault in them then it is clear that the problem is in the control board.

Dispenser switch

A very simple and self-explanatory issue. The dispenser switch sends a regular stream of current to the unit when it is turned on. A defect in this switch means a loss of power.
To check if the switch is working fine or not, connect the multimeter to assess the continuity. The absence of continuity means you should replace the part.

Water filter

The water filter needs to be replaced every 6 months to assure that the dispenser works fine. A dirty water filter or clogged water spaces will render the filtering process inefficient.

You should try keeping better care of your unit, and buy a new filter every 6 months. Check out: aftermarket refrigerator water filter.

The door switch

When you open the door of your unit, the door switch turns the dispenser off. The opposite happens when you close the door.

A fault in the door switch will make it almost impossible to turn the dispenser on. If you doubt that your switch is defective then connect a multimeter to it and check the continuity. No continuity means you should replace the switch.