How to clean Air Conditioner Coils with Vinegar

The air conditioner is the best way of cooling in summer and heating elements in winter. Over time, when it’s run daily, it might be full of dust and debris. You need to clean its coils. When you clean the air conditioner from the outside its appearance is clear but harmful bacteria is a hidden inner side of it.

If you want that your air conditioner runs long without any damage clean its coils and boost its running performance. Now we discuss the different methods of cleaning air condition with vinegar.

How to clean ac coils inside house?

Method of Cleaning

If you want to clean, the AC coils with vinegar you need half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle this mixture helps to clean the air condition coils properly.

This solution helps you clean the debris and dust it’s not shown on the coil’s surface because it’s often evaporator coils. When you clean the coils within months with vinegar its works well.

One more solution with vinegar you can apply for cleaning the coils. This is a homemade solution. Take vinegar, water, and add the one tablespoon baking soda solution to it. You can also mix the light effective detergent like dishwashing detergent in it.

This mixture is poured into a water spray bottle and flip it 4 to 5 minutes. Now it creates a grease-fighting solution directly apply to coils for cleaning.

Importance Of Evaporator Coils

Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils With Vinegar

The necessary coil in air condition evaporator coils absorb the heat inside of your home and capture the fresh air from the outside unit of your home.

This coil is made with copper and the surrounding of this coil is made with aluminum to improve the heat transfer. Mostly evaporator coils are used to manage the inside air of the unit and condenser coil is used to manage the outdoor cabinet air.

The cooling activity is done by the evaporator coil its plays a vital role in room cooling. This coil helps you to be far from the hottest environment. So the cleaning process is necessary to be done within one month for proper running and better performance.

What is the drain line?

During the running cycle of air-conditioning, evaporate and coils produce condensation. In this water is collected and filtered out from air-condition in a small PVC pipe. This pipe is called the drain line.

Method Of Cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar

Method Of Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils With Vinegar

When you want to clean the drain line quickly and easily use this method. Take the 1/4 cup of vinegar and find out your drain line, It is located near the air handler. These drain lines have PVC pipes that are strict straight up with a small cap on the top.

  • First, you remove the cap from it.
  • Now pour the 1/4 cup of vinegar it comes down in the drain line its may be clogged. In this condition when the line is not opened you call the professional.
  • Time to place the cap back on the drain line.

Mostly the AC drain lined and its coil cleaned repeat this process over time.


Final viatication of the above discussion that is necessary to clean air conditioner coils within one month. The use of vinegar is one of the best and straightforward methods used to clean the coils. Easy to make this solution at home and apply to the coils for better performance.