Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar

Everyone wants to eat delicious things that make your mood fresh and yummy. Cookies have a lot of differences and are perfect in taste. Most professional chefs bake chip cookies with different methods.

Some peoples like sweat cookies with white and brown sugar. It is suitable, and with no effects on health choose chip cookies without brown sugar. We define the minor difference between brown and white sugar.

Molasses are added to the white sugar then change the color. It was the simple definition of when white sugar converted into brown sugar. In this type of recipe.

At the time of making some most important instructions follow. Perfectly follow the time done each and everything according to the required time. A mixture of recipes ingredient how much fire need to cook either its slow or high temperature.

Recipe Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar

  • Combine Cookies Ingredients
  • Take Dry ingredient
  • Salt
  • Mixture OF sugar and Butter
  • Vanilla And Eggs
  • Make a Combination Of Dry Fruits
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Shape Of Cookies
  • Heat setting

These are the different steps we give you for making.

Step 1:

 Combine Cookies Ingredients

 Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar, combine Cookies Ingredients

These ingredients are:

  •  White flour 2 1/4 cup of
  • Baking soda 1 tbs
  • Salt 1 tbs
  • A cup of butter (soft nature)
  • White sugar 1 1/2
  • Vanilla extract 2 tbs
  • Eggs 2
  • Semi size chocolate chips bags 1 1/2 oz.

Step 2:

Take dry ingredients

It is the second step to mix the dry ingredients. It looks like one ingredient. Dry ingredients like baking soda one tablespoon, salt one tablespoon, and white flour powder take its that is available for this recipe almost 2 cups.

Step 3


One tablespoon is enough for the cookies. There is a third step important for making for these recipes that is salt as salt is a tasteful component for every dish that you eat in your daily life either it’s sweat or spicy. In this sweat recipe of chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar, salt plays a vital role to make it taste better.

Step 4

Mixture Of Sugar And Butter

Mixture Of Sugar And Butter

When you want this that your cookies are a mixture of salty, sweaty, and soft, these four-step helped you to make the cookies according to your choice. Now this time you mix the butter in it.

The white sugar used after these four steps.1 and 1/2 tablespoon is enough for these recipes. When you want to make it sugar-free, there is no effect on chocolate cookies but the most favorable taste we recommend you to add in it. This ingredient gives your tongue buds a brilliant taste.

Step 5

Vanilla And Eggs

Vanilla is the flavor that is added to you in these recipes. There are many different flavors available in the market forgives the chocolate cookies better taste.

Vanilla is one of the best flavors that like by the children’s youth and old era peoples. Beat the eggs with the beater machine and mix them thoroughly. You need almost two large eggs to complete your target in these recipes. For the vanilla flavor, you need a tablespoon.

Vanilla And Eggs

Step 6

Make a Combination Of Dry Fruits

When you want to make a delicious taste, take some dry fruits, and mash them and add them to the recipe. These crushed dry fruits are mixed into the dough and thoroughly mash with a large size spoon.

Step 7

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chip is called chocolate chip because of these small size chips that are made of chocolate. Now, these chips are added this way they should not break and be converted into small or thin pieces.

Not they are wholly located on the cookies. So be careful when you mix in this recipe dough. When all these ingredients are thoroughly appropriately mixed, then you do the second last step. Now recipes come to an end.

Step 8

 Shape Of Cookies

 shape Of Cookies

Now you select the scoop for cookies. It’s upon you to choose the best scoop that gives you a better shape for your cookies. The round shape is most likely and better shape than like by the consumers. There is a different kind of scoop available in the market. It’s upon you to choose the better option for your cookies. Now put it into the cookie sheet for baking. Now here, the last step is going on.


Step 9

 Heat setting

It is the final and more important step you have done with proper care. When you do not manage the heat for baking the chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar, you lose your efforts. So you give adequate attention to the heat and bake on the heat of (350 F). It is the major last step you have done.

 heat Setting

These are the straightforward steps done within half an hour. At this specific time, you enjoy your time. It makes your evening fine and fun. No difficulties are sharing these cookies with their friend as a sweet dish. Use it at parties, friends, and family with tea and milk and have fun. These cookies are the solution to when you feel smart hunger.

Nutrition Profile

Different eating things have different nutrition profiles. But the best nutrition profile having found in chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar. It’s not the only solution to hunger that gives you complete energy when you work in an office home or any other place. On behalf of lunch and dinner, you easily use the cookies without any fear that it affects your health.

Thinner And Crispier

Thinner and crispier is the quality of the food created by the chefs for their cookies. Professional chefs are made this cookie according to the choice of their customers. When you make these chocolate cookies in your home, there is no difficulty. You know better the selection of your home members.

If you put more ingredients and follow instructions, pour the ingredients equal in an amount that is more tasty and crispy. At the time of eating you should more enjoy tea. But there is only one or two peoples are in your family there is no difficulty adding a small number of ingredients and make it thin for better eating.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar


Every food contains calories that give you energy as you know that the Calories in necessary for your health. But you have not done the work that burns your calories that is not a good sign for your health.

We give you a better suggestion if you take a thing like cookies that contain more calories and you do not do work and your calories not burn to take limited cookies for eating. In this way, there is no side effect on your health. Sugar butter and flour contained many calories that are affecting your health.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is not good for health. Its also used in different things but not suitable for everybody’s health. In this white sugar is used daily and is less dangerous for health as compared to brown sugar. We give you a better suggestion that takes white sugar for your home and making chocolate cookies.

White sugar is less expensive and easily available in the market. It gave the sweat things a better taste and a gorgeous look. Its fewer side effects on your digestive system. By using brown sugar, you are having the patient of diabetes.

Baking Soda

It is a popular ingredient in the world of junk food. There is a different type of baking soda available in the market. It should be work as a detergent, but this type not used for making junk foods. Baking soda use in cookies makes it soft and keeps it soft for a long time.

This ingredient is less expensive and almost use all bakery good like cake, pastries, biscuits, and cookies. It has a lot of capacity to make the thing soft so take a small quantity like one tablespoon is enough.

Baking Skills

Skills are the priority of making any kind of bakery food. If you do not have skills and no way to learn proper cooking. The better option for you purchases the baking recipes book that has different kinds of recipes. Its became also a simple and easy way to learn the baking skill. That is the second option when you have no professional cook is available.


The final verdict about the above recipes is that we give you a better and easier way to make chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar. Less expensive and easily available in the market ingredient used for making these delicious cookies.

It is a professional method for making chocolate recipes. It only keeps in mind the step and applies one by one. There are no difficulties to make when you read the full article’s attention. When you read this according to our point of view, you have no dought to understand and follow it.