Best Spatula for cast iron pans

Stainless steel Spatula is always a suitable choice for cast iron skillet, pans, cookware, and it’s also commonly used.  The wood and high-temperature silicone spatulas are also safe to use. If you end up scratching the cooking surface, the only real drawback must wait for the seasoning to re-coat the bottom of your skillet.

In today’s post, I’ll share my personal experience with the types of spatulas I’ve used, and what happened in my cooking adventures.

As a cast iron user, know the importance of seasoning. The seasoning on your cast iron makes the cooking surface “nonstick.” In reality, the seasoning helps aid in the food’s release from the cooking surface.

As you use your skillet, a thin layer of seasoning is added during each use. Even to brand new cast iron cooking products that come pre-seasoned. If you’ve come across a rusty old skillet, you need to preseason it before using it.

Durability, balanced, heat resistance, handle, Flexibility, dishwasher safe, and weight are the most considerable things before buying a spatula for cast iron. After testing and research, we list down the Best spatula for cast iron.

Best Spatulas

1. MANNKITCHEN Professional Grade Stainless Steel Spatula

It has a precious straight edge for optimal food release. The Heat resistant handles a single-piece hardwood handle.

Best Spatula For Cast Iron

Stainless steel is also useful for leveling the surface of a cast-iron skillet. Extreme durability and heavy-duty build. The steel of this spatula is heavy gauge use for flipping omelets and done tough cooking tasks.  FDA certified and 100% food-safe product.

It is made special for commercial kitchen use. The size is 2 7/8 inches wide and 11.5 inches long (with a handle). It is a professional tool use for the cook food items in cast-iron pans and cookware.

Lightweight and an excellent grip and are easy to hold for a long time. Exceptional quality beveled edge enables you to get under the food on your pan or skillet.

A blunt edge will leave the most flavorful bits of your seared steak and smashed burger behind.  Unhardened steel is softer than iron, so instead of slowly improving your skillet, you’re wearing away the edge of your spatula.


  • Professional tool for cast iron
  • Straight edge
  • Heat resistant handle


  • Difficult to dry its wooden handle

2. HIC Harold Import Co. 60106

Best spatula for cast iron

A great pair of spatulas for your cast iron skillets. Use for multiple purposes you can turn different kinds of food items with it.

It’s done the heavier task of cooking including pancake. Stainless steel spatula that is sturdy enough to use.

Well-made handle as compare to the other cast iron spatulas. The handle is made by the walnut and attaches to the tang by using three rivets. Good quality probably lasts you a lifetime.

This spatula comes in three sizes large size is (5 inches). If the size of cast iron cookware is small use a mini turner that is perfect to do for small cooking purposes.

Its shape is square to maintain the level of your cast iron over time. The rounded angles are saved the surface of cookware and pans from scratches.


  • Great build quality
  • Rounded corner
  • Perfect in size


  • The handle is little rough

3. OXO Good Grips Best spatula for cast iron

cast iron spatula

The solid quality stainless steel flat base turner helped to flip the heavy food. The Head of this turner is wide, and the edge is beveled help to chop food during cooking.

Suitable to flip baking and cooking food items in cast-iron pans and cookware e.g. pancake, omelets, scrambled eggs, saute vegetables, scrape griddles, and more.

Non-slip texture and silicone made a handle that helps to prevent the hand from a slip. The comfortable grip handle is easy to hold. Top-rack dishwasher-safe spatula.

The size of this turner is 12 1/4 inches long. Turner’s part of this spatula is large take 3 to 4 cookies from a sheet on the spot. It is the best spatula for cast iron.


  • Flat base surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Solid quality stainless steel
  • Help to flip the heavy food


  •  After first use you see some spots like rust

4. Overstocked kitchen

spatula for cast iron skillet

It is a commercial-grade set of two turned. One is prof orated grade quality while the other is solid face spatula.

The length of the handle is 14 1/2 and the length of the blade is 4 1/2. Heavy-duty build-up spatula. Well-made turner done used to flip the meat and veggies on the griddle.

Its have a reasonable price and perfectly flip the food when you cook on grills. This is perfect for cast iron but also use in normal pans.

Flexible metal paddle and solid wooden handle. Easy to fit in each hand comfortable grip. Medium exception durability and restaurant quality. No worries to bend and break during flip heavy food. This rounded corner spatula is not suitable for a pancake.


  • Solid turner with a flexible metal paddle
  • Scathing and impressive
  • Easy to hold
  • Perfect in size


  • Rusted after first wash

5. Di Oro Chef Series Flexible Silicone

Ergonomic design spatula use for flipping the eggs, burgers, and other food. It has a creative design that prevents the buildup of food and bacteria. The spatula is easy to clean.

High heat silicone blades make cooking easy. This spatula has thin enough to slide any kind of food. Perfect strength and flexible stainless blade core. Its handle is easy to hold and comfortable in use.

Best spatula for cast iron

The standard temperature suitable for this silicone spatula is 600F. Demanding by professional chefs for their home use. BPA-free for a cast-iron skillet. The outstanding quality matte texture use in it for a comfortable grip.

The Di Oro chef series has forever been warrantied. This spatula is 100% US-based. It is not lifted out an entire meatloaf from a baking dish. Care is not directly exposed to the flame.


  • Imported
  • Easy to clean
  • Handy Inexpensive


  • In high temperatures, it should be damaged

6. OXO Good Grips best spatula for eggs

Best spatula for cast iron

Stainless steel spatula has a soft, subtle, and nonslip grip. This is safely leaning on hot cookware.

Consumers are like using parties for flipping the cake and burgers. It is a stylish and traditional spatula that has a hole in the handle for hanging.

You have done common cooking tasks sauteing, stirring, serving, and more. Good grip best for cast iron cookware.

The turner of the spatula can rest safely on the rim of the hot pan. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

OXO good grip is the choice of professional chefs to their home kitchen.  Flexible spatula moves in any direction when leave come back to their original position. Highly suggested product to consumers.

It is easy to use for the widest range of users. This spatula has a satisfaction warranty of exchange or refund. There is a special bouquet with OXO that is stainless steel, slotted spoon, ladle, and spaghetti serve.


  • Flexible spatulas
  • Hard plastic material
  • Rubber edge
  • Quickly and conveniently


  • Useless for a non-stick pan

7. StarPack Basics

best utensils for cast iron

Solid silicone spatula that has a smooth edge, not scratched nonstick pans.

It is perfect for mixing food in the bowl and spread frosting. The highest quality EU LFGB grade silicone spatula.

100% BPA-free and heat resistant up to 600 degrees F. Pleasure to use and dishwasher safe product.

This turner set contains 1 *Large silicon spatula: 11.5* 2.21*1 and the small silicon spatula size is 8.5 * 1.6.

Only use non-stick pans or cookware. Help to protect your expensive pans because its head is coated with soft silicone.

This full-star pack premium silicon has a warranty that lasts for years. Offer replacement or refund. Unhygienic kitchen spatula that melts warp or flake into your food.


  • Silicon head spatula
  • Perfect for both cast iron and nonstick
  • Warranty last for years
  • Premium quality.


  • Only for non-stick pots not other

8. Wilton 13-Inch Cake best spatula for baking

Best spatula for cast iron

The well-balanced soft handle spatula is easy to hold. Stainless steel blades and soft plastic handle.

The size is 13 inches and 33 centimeters. This spatula is easy to wash with soap and warm water. It is flexible but not really bend and also works like a butter knife. Play a vital role in decorating the cake surface.

The stylish spatula is suitable for parties and no need to wash your hands after use. It is better creativity for everyone, everywhere at every time.

Great spatula frosting your cake. It is great when you like the flat spatula as compared to the angled one. By using this spatula you improve your decorating skills. Lightweight and fine in quality.


  • Versatile
  • Gorgeous in looks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Efficient


  • Pretty tall

9. Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Tools Set

best utensils for cast iron

Extra thick stainless steel is available in a bucket of tools. Your hand feels relax when you hold each tool for a long time.

This turner is helped you to grab skewer or flip chicken and brisket. Flexible but free from worries of its bending or breaking.

Its have an elegant design and premium quality. The heft of this spatula is perfect and comfortable countered rubber grip.

The set of spatula set has a huge hanging loop. Massive spatula heads are used to flip burgers or heavy-duty food. Scalloped tongs are used to handling delicate foods like fish.

Easy to use this turned large or small grills, gas, charcoal, cast iron, and ceramic. Perfect choice for indoor-outdoor baking and cooking and baking. Lifetime money-back warranty.


  • Premium grilling tools
  • A better gauge of metal
  • Hanging loop is available
  • Commercial spatula


  • Heavy in weight

10. StarPack Basics Silicone Kitchen (5 Piece)

spatula for cast iron skillet

The solid silicon-made spatula that used for non-stick fry pans and cake pans without scratches. Soft tips of these gadgets and spatulas are melt at high temperatures.

We use these gadgets for cast iron for the mixing of different food items in the bowl.

High heat resistance is 480 degrees 100% guarantee of BPA free. These turners the perfect for non-stick pans.

Inspired cooking spatulas have great durability. Excellent quality material.


  • Lightweight
  • Save pans from scratches
  • Screaming hot
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Small spatula handle could stiffer


Buying Guide Of Best Spatula For Cast Iron

If you have cast-iron pans, you are in safe hands. You can use a normal spatula for your pans while flipping the eggs, cooking fish, smatching burgers, and also cooking and baking. Different types of cookware need different kinds of spatulas.

Without a turner difficult to flip the food in pans. There are dozens of designs available in the market for different kinds of cookware and pans use for a particular purpose. Various kinds of materials are used in these spatulas.

These best spatulas for cast iron are used to done cooking fast, either its breakfast lunch or dinner time. Flexible in nature but no worries to bend or break during heavy cooking. Save the surface of the cookware from scratches.

Spatula types

  • Fish spatula
  • Scraper
  • Frosting
  • Silicone
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Fish spatula

Single spatula for cast iron maximum use to fried the fish. Great long angular shape help to turning over fish in a pan. Also, help to flip a pancake, grilled, and omelets. It is made with stainless steel—light in weight and durable. The suitable temperature for a fish spatula is 600 degrees.


A scraper spatula is also called the rubber spatula for cast iron. Use for flipping the heavy food. The shape of this scarper spatula is a traditional flipper. Also, help you to mix the food in a jar or bowl.


The second name of this kitchen spatula for cast iron is a workhorse. Easy to hold and comfortable in use. It is perfect for cast iron, also suitable for a nonstick pan.


It is specially made for baking purposes in cast iron cookware. Available in gorgeous design used to apply the cream on the cake and decorate them in different shapes as well.


The popular and innovative material made cast iron spatula. The handle of the silicone-made spatula is long and heats resistant. The handle of it is easy to hold and comfortable in use.


It is convectional material spatulas but not light in weight as compared to plastic spatulas. Not much flexible don’t bend or break. Best for cast iron pans and rust-free.


A spatula is light in weight but no heat resistant. This spatula is not suitable for high-temperature fear-melting handles.

All these spatulas are best for cast iron. They come with the perfect grip handle. Easy to hold for a long time and comfortable in use. Well-made material heat and rust resistance. Help to flip different kinds of light and dense food. We use these different quality material turners for particular purposes.


Cooking and caring for Cast iron


As I got more comfortable in my cooking, I purchased a smaller skillet to add to my inventory. I began using a metal spoon to stir and mix my food in the newer skillet. After about three weeks of using it, I noticed a small scratch at the bottom of the pan about 2 inches long. I was shocked at first, wondering what could have caused it.

Since I was the only one who cooked and cleaned it, I knew it had to come from me. After using it, I always clean it and add a layer of vegetable shortening, then store it carefully in the cabinet. My only conclusion was that I must have scratched it with the metal tablespoon while stirring food with it. After that, I immediately stopped using any metal spatula during cooking.

Hopefully, I was able to give you some insight about which is the best spatula for cast iron, and help you make a decision on which to use. If you found this article helpful, please share it on your favorite social media site!