Best Single Serve Coffee Maker consumer reports

Quickly brew process to get ready a cup of coffee and make your morning fresh. Coffee is a perfect morning drink for keeping your mind sharp.

According to the consumer’s reports, the temperature for a coffee maker is 196°F to 205°F. Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another.

The smart coffee maker took less space in your kitchen home and office. As per consumer reports, the best coffee maker is fast and affordable in price.

10 Best single serve coffee makers

1. Hamilton Beach Scoop

When you want to make your own single cup coffee maker use this scoop filter. It is a fast brewing maker that makes the 8-ounce coffee within 90 seconds and 14 ounces travel mug is brew in 2.5 minutes. It has stainless steel material maker and is easy to clean.

It has an automatic drip and bold option. This coffee maker is an automated shutoff after brewing.

best single serve coffee maker consumer reports

Three straightforward steps use to brewing coffee. First, you take the scoop of coffee ground, then place it in the coffee maker, Start the coffee maker, and do the brewing process.

This is the built-in stand, coffee maker. The easily affordable and adjustable stand flips to accommodate a standard-size cup or a taller travel mug.

It is the best single-serve coffee maker. It automatically adds ground coffee during brewing.

Each scoop filter is labeled with two lines by following these lines you fill the coffee maker according to your taste.


  • Easy to adjust the cup
  • Perfect in size
  • Light in weight
  • Less time-consuming
  • Durable  maker
  • Diffrent Brewing methods


  • Overfilling coffee filter can spill

2. CHULUX Best single serve coffee maker

The single-serve coffee maker has the capacity to make the coffee 12oz. For multiple flavors, you can add the 1.0 and 2.0 pod capsules.

best single serve coffee maker consumer reports

Random brewing system with 800W heating element.

One tasteful coffee mug is ready within 3 minutes. Blue light indicates after brewing coffee and auto-shutoff.

Keep in mind the amount of water and coffee during the brewing process. When you want to make a large cup(up to 5.3 height) remove the drip tray from it.

Clean with water and vinegar used to wash the drip tray and filter basket. This is a BPA-free drip home coffee brewed. For travel and office always use the Best coffee mugs to keep coffee hot all day.

After making coffee pour the plain water to help to save the maker from the smell. Time adjusts according to the coffee cup you want to ready.


  • Automated shutoff
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Easy to store
  • Perfect durable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Restart several times before brews

3. AdirChef Grab N Single serve coffee maker without pods

A stainless steel material maker and also Eco-friendly. This maker is a safe time and money. In this maker paper filters is available for separates the garbage. Its have a permanent filter. Compact and universal design maker. The standard size cup is easily fitted in this maker.

Helpful for making coffee in the daily morning routine. It is the complete set you need travel mug, lid, internal filter, and holding a basket.

best single serve coffee maker consumer reports

In this maker, the 15-ounce cup is adjusted on its drip trays. It saves power and automatically shuts off. Perfect for the small kitchen counter.

Just a one-touch operation makes coffee-making simple. Lightweight and durable coffee maker.

This maker is highly portable easy to the port where you go. The best single-serve coffee maker without pods.

A covering bag is available that helps you keep the maker safe in travel and also after making coffee. This coffee maker gives you hot coffee every time with perfect taste.


  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe maker
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Innovative comfortable in use
  • Perfect for all Type of coffee


  • Takes ground coffee only

4.Cuisinart SS-10P1 programmable single serve coffee maker

The brewing capacity of this coffee maker is 4-12 oz and for making soap its needs 72-ounce water. Its have a removable charcoal filter.

In this maker, you also made water soup, tea, and many other instant things. Easy to clean from inside the brew chamber. Plastic material and great spectrums feature maker.

best single serve coffee maker consumer reports

The technical and innovative maker takes less than five minutes for making the perfect coffee. When you use these makers with proper care, it’s run long.

Light in weight and universal design maker. It is dishwasher safe. Perfect size and have an automated system. Cuisinart SS-10 is BPA free coffee maker.

This maker has a digital number system that helps you to set the brewing time in numbers. best single serve k-cup coffee maker consumer reports.

Easy to use in homes, offices, apartments, schools, and cafeterias because it contains less counter space. Perfect choice for the coffee lover. The warranty of this maker is three years. Here is the Guide on how you can clean a Cuisinart coffee maker?


  • Good quality product
  • Perfect in size
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect and durable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Programmable coffee maker


  • Heavy & bulky

5. BLACK+DECKER – smallest single-serve coffee maker

A space-saving design is suitable for a small kitchen.  160 oz travel mugs are available with this maker.  No need to buy the water filter paper, the metal and charcoal filters are available with this maker for cleaning the rough particles from it.

best coffee maker for one person

Automated systems machine. It has non-stick carafe plates that contain 120V.

Cup is equal to approximately 5oz that is a standard size normally use for brewing coffee in this maker.

Innovative technology saves your money and time.

The warranty for this mug is 2 years. Its have a convenient one-touch operation and have a perfect feature like a removable basket and lid after making coffee.


  • Durable and innovative
  • Light in weight
  • Perfect choice for your kitchen
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with kcup


  • Black inside makes it challenging to see filling line

6. Keurig K-Mini Coffee maker for one person

It is a single-serve coffee maker with a pod storage unit. This is a fast and fresh-brewed coffee maker. The 9K cup is adjusted in this maker that covers full counter space.

Also used in travel to enjoy a cup of hot coffee on a long journey. A removable drip tray and the travel mug are available with this maker that is approximately 7.0 inches tall.

Light in weight and easy to clean. Quick and easy process of brewing coffee within the specific time you set on it. This is the best single-serve coffee maker.

best rated single cup coffee makers

Modern in style available in mini size only a single cup is made in this maker.

This maker gives you satisfactory results when you use the k-cup pod between 6-12 oz.

It is used to make many other components like tea, cocoa, and iced beverages.

The maximum power consumption of this maker is 120V. Different buttons that help you to brew light or strong coffee.


  • Durable and innovative
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Different colour and sizes
  • Light in weight


  • Noisy

7. BELLA BLA14485 14485 Scoop

The water tank is adjusted in this maker is 14-oz. The easily adjustable and removable drip tray is available with this coffee maker. It is a great choice for a smaller kitchen. Efficient and easy to use dishwasher-safe smallest single-serve coffee maker.

Take less counter space in your kitchen. A quick and convenient way of making coffee. Its have stainless steel no spot occurs on its surfaces at the time of wash. Great and earth-friendly and it is the best ground coffee for a single-serve coffee maker.

smallest single serve coffee maker

Consuming 600W power maker. In this maker, you pour one glass of water for brewing the soup, tea, apple cider.

No need to dispose of filter paper. The water filters are available used to separate the garbage from the cup.

The basket of this switch coffee brewer is easy to separate. When you flip up the switch at specific time coffee is prepared well. A great quality product safe time and money too. For coffee lovers, Stainless steel stovetop espresso maker is also a suitable option.


  • Permanent filter
  • Small quick maker
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Make a variety of drinks
  • Prepare Perfect Espresso drinks


  • The filter basket is flimsy

8. Chefman Instabrew Single

Perfect technology makers brew coffee at normal temperature. The innovative maker is used to make coffee within a specific time. Unlike the other K-cup brewers. This maker has a one-touch operation for brewing coffee and an automated shutoff.

The permanent filter is used to separate the garbage from it. It is an experiment on this maker less water has bolder in taste and more water is milder in taste. Great and simple resource of the maker.

programmable single serve coffee maker

Its have no lever to pull. Easy to use and clean a coffee maker. Use in travel to keep the coffee hot and tasteful. Every time you like its works and priorities.

cELT approves of it because of its advanced technology.  The quality product helps you to make your morning great. Best tasting single-serve coffee maker.

Long-lasting safety technology is used in this maker. Favorite choice of the consumers when purchase maker at one time wants to take next time.


  • Innovative and durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight maker
  • Stainless steel
  • kcup pod coffee maker


  • Height isn’t adjustable

9. Keurig K-Select Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker

Eco-friendly and beautiful design maker. It saves time and money.  Filter paper is used to separates the garbage from it. Universal and compact in design coffee maker. The standard four coffee cup 6-12 ounce brew in it.

The quick brew coffee makers technology that’s creates less noise. The accumulated travel mug is tall approximately 7.4 inches tall.

best single serve coffee maker without pods

Technical and innovative makers take less time in making. Light in weight easily and portable coffee maker any place where you want. Easy to clean Keurig coffee maker.

This is the best single serve coffee maker consumer reports. Its have a removable water reservoir makes refilling easy.

Strong features makers that work great. Reusable K-Cups gives you the flexibility to use your own grounds. When you want to brew the finest coffee use this maker at any time.


  • Easy to adjust the cup
  • Perfect in size
  • Light in weight
  • Less time-consuming
  • Durable maker
  • Programmable coffee maker


  • Flimsy and heavy construction

10. Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Single serve coffee mild

This maker uses to make a 12oz single coffee mug. Its have a one-touch operation maker. Used to brew different components of the ground and iced coffee.

Its have auto-shut off the system is available. Brew the coffee within three minutes. Less in price and easy to use. The perfect machine for the home, offices, Cavan, school, and different places. Light in weight that easily portable. Best single-serve coffee maker consumer reports.

best cheap k cup coffee maker

This coffee brew has a washable filter basket and a removable dish tray. The lid of this convenient hinged. When coffee is ready illuminated red power light is blinking.

MAin manufacturing country of this machine in the US. It is a durable maker that saves your time and works quickly.

It is a suitable choice for the coffee lover and you can make the perfect amount of coffee really quick. Perfect for single-cup coffee. After roasting coffee grind with a coffee grinder and add ground coffee in the coffee maker.


  • Good quality product
  • Perfect in size
  • Easy to switch coffee maker
  • Perfect and durable
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Does not shut off automatically

Buying Guide Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Consumer Reports

Multiple features are available in these single server makers. When you want to purchase these makers must be checked these different important features. Coffee makers are necessary need for every day in the kitchen.

It makes your morning full of joy and helps you to make the coffee fast. These coffee makers which are discussed above can make ground and iced coffee. This coffee maker doesn’t have a coffee bean grinder. The espresso machines make coffee by forcing pressurized water near the boiling point.

Temperature and Time

Every serve maker has a different temperature and time setting.  These makers which make the coffee at less temperature are great and delicious in taste as compared to these coffee makers run at high temperatures.

Most of the makers are automated systems to set the time and brewing temperature. At a specific time, the light indicates and the makers are automatically shut off.

Brew Strength

All single-serve makers have adjustment trays on specific heights. Cups are adjusted for preparing delicious coffee. When it overfill with water damaged the trays.

Great brewing strength makers take less than five minutes for making great coffee. These cup coffee makers have great brew strength. The tea kettle for gas stove is also can be used for making a extremely strong coffee.


Different sizes of single server makers are available in the market. It’s upon you to choose the best quality maker that is valid in size and easily adjusts in your kitchen. Coverless space and do the work according to your choice. A single-serve maker is a perfect and suitable choice for your kitchen.

The price depends upon the size and quality. The single-serve maker has a reasonable price. Read About Some of the interesting facts about Coffeemaker.

Filtration System

The durable and innovative product helps you in the kitchen to save your time and money too. In these makers, filtration systems are available it is easy to separate the garbage from it. In a filtration system, you separate the drip tray off it.

It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe product. It fulfills the need for a single cup at any time. Read how you can make coffee without a filter?


For the above discussion of single-serve coffee makers is realize these are the innovative products introduce for easiness. It’s suitable for apartments, homes, schools, and offices at a reasonable price.

These are the best single-serve coffee maker consumer reports which are discussed above. Coffee makes your day active and healthy. For the activeness of your mind use these single coffee makers at any place, keeps your tea hot when you went on a long journey.


How to Measure Coffee and Water Perfectly?

How to use a coffee maker?

There is three simple step use to make the coffee in the coffee maker. First, you take the cup and fit it on the drip tray of the maker, then the second step is to place the coffee powder in the coffee maker and the third step is to start it for the brewing process. Within three to five minutes perfect coffee is ready.

How do single-serve coffee makers work?

The water heats up to the perfect temperature as it flows up past the heating element. The water is pumped through a narrow needle to increase its pressure. The hot, high-pressure water pumps through the ground coffee in the pod, releasing the flavor. Coffee drips through into your cup.