Best Grill Covers consumer reports

Outdoor grills are the most exposed to different weather. The Grill covers the grills from dirt, pollution, frost, wind, rain, sand, heavy temperatures, and all types of weather.

A variety of covers is also available with these grills. The most important things to consider before buying a grill cover are size, shape, material, tie-downs, air vents, handles, and price.

Always make sure the grill is cool off sufficiently before installing your cover. A hot grill can cause cover damage and serious fire. Choose a grill cover that fits and is slightly wider than the total size.

The Grill Covers are made from Polyester, Vinyl, and Canvas materials. 

These material grills are lightweight, easily cleanable, and perfect for all types of weather. After much research and taking consumer reviews, we list down the best heavy-duty grill covers consumer reports.

Top 10 Best Grill Covers

1. VicTsing Grill Cover, 72-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover

Full cover and heavy-duty grill cover are used to protect the grills. It should be properly fit on the grills. Using this grill, you should cover brands like Char-Broil, Kenmore, Brinkman, and Jenn Air.

This grill cover uses high-quality material: dust is heavy, almost 600D. Polyester fabric material product, which is weather-resistant and also became dustproof. The grill cover is important because it saves it from different elements like sand, rain, and wind. The grill cover has UV protection.

Best Grill Covers Consumer Reports

These grill covers are easy to clean. Perfectly fit cover and useful for safety. This is the Best grill that covers consumer reports. Only this cover is done in the water a few times. Dust particles should be removed soon.

Naturally, dry the gas grill cover. These grill covers have three layers of protection. Its have double stitching and long-lasting usage. These BBQs have a UV coating to prevent damage. Easily use outdoor.


  • UV coating grill cover
  • Three layers of protection
  • Easy straightforward washable
  • Double stitching for long-lasting
  • Perfect for outdoor


  • The exact dimensions are not available

2. Homitt Gas Grill Cover, 58-inch 3-4 Burner 600D Heavy Duty

The size of the BBQ grill cover is 58L*24W*48H. Capacity to cover the 3 to 4 burner of grills. The width of this grill cover is 55 to 58 inches. This BBQ grill cover covers the different brands: King Brinkman, Charbroil, Broil, Royal Gourmet, etc.

Waterproof, heavy-duty grill material that is 600D. A UV layer is used on this cover to protect the grill from elements like storms and stains. When you cook different things on the grill, wait for cold and then cover the grill.

Best Grill Covers Consumer Reports

Handles are available in this cover that helps you to fix it on the grill and remove it. These handles look gorgeous and helpful in BBQ grills. Use for hanging and storage.

It has a double-sewn and edge connection grill cover that is good and durable. When purchasing these grill covers, you must check whether they fit your BBQ covers. Different sizes and colors are available in this BBQ cover. When you should cover the grills, see that it was not blown away.


  • Available in the fitting
  • Durable sewen
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Easy to use


  • Don’t keep heavy things on it

3. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

Available in different sizes. The perfect dimensions are 60W,24D, and 44H. Wide capacity to cover the grill. Almost 3 to 4 burners are easily covered. These grills have an upgraded material, so these covers’ durability is long.

New quality polyester and fabrics have particular resistance to water and high temperature. This grill cover is easy to wash and removable. It should be completely fitted on the grill and have a perfect look. There are no difficulties in drying in the sun; no stain is left on this cover.

Best grill covers consumer reports

Two velcro steps are used for the safety of grills. The convenient side of the straps helps to cover the grills tightly. You must check to take those covers that are not blown away. This is the Best grill that covers consumer reports.

The warranty for these grills is 36 months. At this specific time, you don’t worry because it will easily be exchanged or refunded. This grill cover has an extra feature grill cleaning brush that is also available.

Use to prevent the grill for the next use. This cover is easy to carry and light in weight. Good performance for the protection of grills.


  • Available in different sizes
  • 3 years warranty
  • Made of fiber polyester
  • Protect grills for next use
  • Light in weight


  • Safe from much temperature

4. Simple Houseware 58-inch Waterproof Best grill covers consumer reports

A famous brand in the BBQs grills. The size of these grill covers is 58L*24W*48H. It is becoming the ideal size for the BBQ grill cover. The duty material used in this grill cover is heavy, almost 600D.

Made of polyester fabric with a handle. This BBQ cover has a fastened strap available in two sites. Help to cover and remove it from grills easily. Easy to wash with pure water. It should be deep cleaned and perfectly dry on sun heat. It became water, and dustproof grills covered it.

Best Grill Covers Consumer Reports

No difficulties in using all the seasons and wethers. Save from the wind and any situation. The perfect choice is to use the grills outdoors to make the BBQs. It is the best grill that covers consumer reports. Easily cover it out.

It became a UV, weather, and water-resistant product. Choose the perfect size for your kitchen and restaurant. These grill covers’ quality is high, so they should run long. They are a perfect quality grill. Covers, you should be satisfied with their performance.


  • Dustproof grill cover
  • Water-resistant product
  • The simple process of cleaning
  • Perfect quality material


  • Not less expensive

5. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Best grill covers consumer reports

This grill cover has fade-resistant fabric and a vinyl coating. It has water repellent processed. Different colors are available in this duty waterproof BBQ gas grill. The durable material product should run long-lasting. Easy to fit and efficient in removing from grills.

Handles are straps fixed in them to help fit and remove the grills. It is the best grill that covers consumer reports. This BBQ grill is measured at almost 55 W,23D, and 42H. This size is suitable for all grills with 3 to the burner. This grill cover is lightweight and easy to wash and manage.

Best Grill Covers Consumer Reports

These grills have a wide selection and should be specially used outdoors. Unicook is a great and popular brand. If you want an extraordinary and stylish grill cover, click on the Unicook brand.

Flexible cover, which is easy to move on grills for fitting purposes. This grill cover has both sides of air circulation, so the high wind did not blow the cover.

It is used to cover up from the rain and storm. We recommend that people remember the details of these grills when purchasing.


  • Readily available in the market
  • Perfect in size
  • Easy to clean
  • Fashionable, durable brand


  • Do not wash with detergent

6. iCOVER Gas Grill Cover 55 Inch Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Grill

These grills have UV-resistant fabric. The material used for making is heavy-duty fabric. Its ItehasVC coating and a water-rippled finish.

It has two handles and adjustable straps that help cover the grill and remove it from the grill. Suitable in all kinds of weather. The measurement of these grills is almost 55W,23L,42H.

best built-in grill covers

Available in different colors and sizes. Flexible in nature, it is easy to clean the grill costs. It prevents the grill from glowing off because both are air straps. This is the best grill that covers consumer reports. The warranty on this grill cover is almost three months.


  • Suitable in all weathers
  • Save from grills blown away
  • Flexible and innovative
  • Comfortable in use


  • Don’t keep this cover at high temperatures

7. Covermates – Island Grill Cover

The famous grill cover available sizes in the market are almost 74W,38D, and 44H. It is becoming the ideal size suitable for all grill brands making BBQs. Commercial vinyl is 12 gauge used for the making of cover mate grills. This grill’s cover features include moisture, polyester lining, elastic hem, and breathable mesh vents.

best built-in grill covers

You should be satisfied using this cover mate’s Island Grill cover.

It should be available in different sizes and colors. This grill’s manufacturer’s warranty has been 2 years. At this specific time, you should refund this grill cover.


  • Polyester lining feature
  • 2 – years warranty
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • An air strap is available


  • Not less expensive grill cover

8. SunPatio Heavy Duty Waterproof

Its high-performance UV resistance and fade-stop fabric are water-resistant and protect the grills from code-cracking. The measurement of this cover is almost 74W,30.5D,41.5H.

Protect your grill in all seasons. When you want to purchase a grill cover, you must know the size of your BBQ grill. They are easily available in the market.

canvas grill cover

The product’s satisfaction is the people’s first and ever priority. SunPation heavy-duty waterproof grills give you proper pleasure with a warranty.

A strap button is available on both sides to help cover the grills and remove the cover from them efficiently.


  • Heavy-duty grills cover
  • Waterproof product
  • Available in different sizes


  • Don’t wash with warm water

Buying Guide OF Best Grill Covers

The grill cover is crucial before saving or protecting your BBQ grills. It helps protect your grills from weather like wind, storm, and rain. Use indoor-outdoor for safety purposes. These are the Best grill covers for consumer reports.

When you want to take the grill cover, firstly, keep in mind the size of your grill and then purchase whether it is fitted on it or not. Check whether the material’s quality is useful in water rain and whether its material and color are damaged. It s great when it is run for many seasons. Find out some indoor grill consumer reports.

You must take the warranty of the grill covers at the time of purchase. It should be exchanged for a new one or refund if damaged or affected. Choose the grill cover, which is less expensive and good quality.

These are the best grill covers for consumer reports. There are different grills for BBQs run on charcoal, pellet grills, gas grills, kamado grills, and portable grills. Check Out lump charcoal for kamado.

These are different kinds of grills, according to these grills covers are designed. It is upon you to choose the best grill cover. These are some vital predictions that must be found in the quality of the grill cover. Also, read How To Make a DIY Grill Cover.

Also, read about it.


Wh.en to cover the grill?

When you cover the grill, be careful about these things. Grills are not so hot when covering it out. It must be cool after cooking something on it.

Cover the grills only for a month or 15 days. After this, you should clean or wash the cover. It should be damaged when it looks grey and shiny in color. These are the basic tips kept in mind when covering the BBQ grills.

What size grill cover is needed for a 6-burner grill?

When you cover the grill, be careful about these things. Grills are not so hot when covering it out. It must be cool after cooking something on it.

Cover the grills only for a month or 15 days. After this, you should clean or wash the cover. It should be damaged when it looks grey and shiny in color. These are the basic tips kept in mind when covering the BBQ grills.

How do you clean the Weber grill cover?

Different ways are used for cleaning the grill cover. Different grill covers have different methods of cleaning. Using a soapy solution for wash, take soft rubber or spinach and rag it on the surfaces of the grill cover softly. Almost all dust and dirt particles should be removed from the upper and lower surfaces of the grill covers.

How do you clean a stainless steel grill cover?

You should use an extra soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the stainless steel grill cover. A perfect and easy method is used for the cleaning of stainless steel. Easily affordable and available in the market. Just dip the extra cloth in the pure water and rag on the stainless steel grill cover. It looks like a new cover.

How long till you can cover your grill?

There is no specific time to cover the BBQ grills. You wipe down the cover and use the grill for cooking when needed. But you must remove the lid of restaurants after one month.

Clean or wash the grill’s protection to look free from dust or any other scrub. Keeping the grill covered with proper care saves your BBQ grill from dust, air, and storms.


In other words, the grill cover is an essential tool for your BBQ grills. Consumers of this product are delighted with its performance. Helping tool in your kitchen or when you use the grills for cooking in the outing. It’s safe from rainwater-heavy rain and storms. It became easy to manage and adjust to grills for safety.

We recommend that people keep in mind the details of these grills when they go to purchase. These are the Best grill covers for consumer reports. Excellent and flexible product that entirely wraps your grills.